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Radial Riveting Machine     Orbital Riveting Machine           CNC Rotary Table Riveting Machine
Radial Riveting Machine     Orbital Riveting Machine           CNC Rotary Table Riveting Machine
Radial riveting lightly peens the rivet head into the desired shape whereas orbital forming spreads the rivet head in one, continuous contact, motion. While orbital forming is the superior process in most applications, radial riveting can produce better results when very small rivets are involved...     Orbital riveting machines are used in a wide range of applications including brake linings for commercial vehicles, aircraft, and locomotives, textile and leather goods, metal brackets, window and door furniture, latches and even mobile phones...           Applying CNC index plate to programmable riveting machine,the maximum riveting diameter is 9mm. Combined biaxial program control with 11 disc plum radial structure...
CNC Frame Riveting Machine     Rivetless Riveting Machine           CNC Rivetless Riveting Machine
CNC Frame Riveting Machine     Pneumatic Boosting Rivetless Riveting Machine           CNC Rivetless Riveting Machine
CNC frame riveting machine is specialized for large size work pieces,the designing is humanized and high automatic which combined servo control unit with three-dimensional movement unit for efficient operation...     Adopting the air booster cylinder to performing riveting joint process,the maximum riveting thickness is 8mm,The rivetless riveting machine is suitable for jointing the steel plate, stainless plate, zinc and aluminum etc...           The CNC rivetless riveting machine is extensively used in automobile, light work, precise machine, electric appliances and hardware.It combined 3 spindle-XYZ automatic control with 11 disc plum radial structure...
auto Riveting Machine               数控旋铆机
Automatic Feeding Riveting Machine     Self-Piercing Riveting Machine           CNC Flanging Riveting Machine
Automatic feed riveting machines include a hopper and feed track to complete the whole process automatically which delivers and presents the rivet to the setting tools which overcomes the need for the operator to position the rivet...     Jointing different metal material with good sealing and protect penetration function. Applicable scope: coated steel sheet, aluminium,zinc, reinforced plastic, compound material etc...           CNC Flanging riveting machine is developed on the basis of the principle of cold rolling and becomes the new riveting equipment, this series of products using the advanced PLC control system...
CNC Riveting Machine-C type radial riveting machine     CNC Riveting Machine-Wheel Hub           Automatic Riveting Press Machine
Applying 3 spindle-XYZ automatic technology to the original radial riveting machine.The processes are more stable and the contact surface is more smooth,save much time and humans cost...     The New generation of CNC riveting machine for wheel hub, new concept, new thinking, new designing. More precise riveting control to eliminate clearance ...           PC configuration for this machine, there is networking functions can be implemented remote monitoring and operations...
rivetless Riveting Machine     Heavy Duty Riveting Machine           press machine
Rivetless Riveting Machine     CNC Hot Upset Forming and Riveting Machine           Riveting Press Machine
The rivetless riveting machines are divided into three types:radial rivetless riveting machine,air booster cylinder rivetless riveting machine,hydraulic cylinder rivetless riveting machine...     The hot upset forming and riveting process uses heat and pressure to form the fastener. The material being formed becomes malleable and collapses under pressure applied by the powerhead. Using this process, it is possible to form a round fastener into a square hole, creating very high torque joints...           Riveting press machine is to make the rivets to forming directly by hydraulic or pneumatic pressing units in special molding tools, it has applies extensively in automobile industry,aerospace and aviation...
Riveting Press Machine-Hanging Style     Heavy Duty Riveting Machine           Riveting Machine
Riveting Press Machine-Hanging Style     Rotary Table Riveting Machine           Multi-Function Riveting Machine
Hanging style is very suitable for processing large parts of riveting, the heavy workpiece is inconvenience to move around due to the great weight, in this situation hanging style riveting press machine is better choice...     Applying CNC index plate to programmable riveting machine,the maximum riveting diameter is 9mm. Combined biaxial program control with 11 disc plum radial structure...           Multi-function riveting machine has many functions including piercing, bending, riveting, pressing by the replacement of various riveting tools and fixtures...
Heavy Duty Riveting Machine     Hanging Riveting Machine           riveting machineriveting machine
Heavy Duty Riveting Machine     Hanging Riveting Machine-Hydraulic Boost Cylinder           Hanging Riveting Machine-Piston Pump Type
Heavy duty riveting machine apply to large diameter riveting process,the maximum diameter of rivets is 50 mm.This type of machine is radial structure with hydraulic force, programmable control...     Hanging riveting machine- hydraulic boost cylinder type has a high pressure cylinder and hydraulic pressure transmitters for pressure changing, it is suitable for bigger diameter of rivets than handy size type...           Hanging riveting machine-piston pump type has a hydraulic cylinder with piston pump.The piston pump is using for pumping the hydraulic oil to high pressure,which connect to hydraulic pressure control unit...
Hanging Riveting Machin     ladder making machine           Aluminum Ladder Expanding Machine
Hanging Riveting Machine-Handy Size     Aluminum Ladder Making Machine           Aluminum Ladder Expanding Machine
Handy size hanging riveting machine has a smaller hydraulic power unit which can connect to the various size C-guns.It apply to joint ventilation duck, flanges, ladder hinge etc, the advantages of handy size types are lightweight, portable and easy to operating and maintenance...     We are experienced to manufacturing equipments for processing aluminium ladder including extension ladder, folding ladder, multi-purpose ladder, industrial ladder, house ladder, scaffolding platform, cable ladder...           Expanding machine is used to processing aluminium ladder (also called swaging or corrugation),it is suitable to swaging "D"-shape rung and "O"-shape rung...
ladder making machine     riveting machine run           CNC riveting machine
Aluminum Ladder Squeezing Machine     Riveting Hand Gun and Clamp           CNC Riveting Production Line
Squeezing machine has the same function as expanding machine,the different between squeezing machine and expanding machine is that the emboss points at rung side is one whole circle round rung ...     Riveting hand gun and clamp is portable and convinient for processing small aluminum workpiece riveting, it is very easy to operate simply riveting job...           The automatic production line of NC-riveting machine is our company newly product for special work piece adopted the advanced technology.It can apply to batch producing. We can customzied as your requirement...
Riveting Production Line     Customized Riveting Machine           Automation Riveting Production Line
Riveting Production Line Automation and Optimization     Customized Riveting Machine           Automation Riveting Production Line
We will give customers the optimization design and professional solutions for more efficient production line...     We will give customers the professional solutions according to the sample and drawing of your workpiece,customizing as your requirement...           The professional solutions, high efficient manufacturing and best aft-sales sevice.Customizing the production line as your requirement...
Hydraulic Riveting Machine              
Hydraulic Riveting Machine     Double Head Radial Riveting Machine-Horizontal Style           Pneumatic Riveting Machine
Hydraulic riveting machine have advantages of pressure stability, the riveting process smooth, forming accurate, for general application,hydraulic riveting machine is the better choice...     Double head adjustable, Stroke speed adjustable, Maximum riveting diameter Ф9mm ( solid steel rivet ). Scope of application: the instrument appearance, daily hardware, electrical equipment and automobile parts...           Pneumatic riveting machine is very suitable for production line, assembly line, it cover an small area only, the riveting process is faster than hydraulic riveting machine...
Multi function SPR     自冲铆接机           Robot riveting machine
Multi function self piercing riveting machine     Self Piercing Riveting Machine           Robot Riveting Machine
It has beautiful appearance, and can also be multifunctional self piercing riveting machine that can be handheld.     The main advantage of self-piercing riveting machine is low energy consumption. Applicable scopes: coated steel sheet, aluminium, zinc, reinforced plastic, compound material...           Intellegentized Robot Riveting Machine is fully automatic controlled and operated by the high speed of MITSUBISH programmable controller.It has integrated new concept, new ideas, and new technologies...
HALFEN Anchor Channels riveting machine     数控冲孔机           table SPR
HALFEN Anchor Channels riveting machine,pipe gallery riveting machine     CNC flute type punching machine           Table type self piercing riveting machine(SPR)
HALFEN Anchor Channels riveting machine(pipe gallery riveting machine) can be designed as vertical or horizontal two specifications, with synchronous automatic riveting tooling, which can realize quick riveting.     The continuous numerical control fast and efficient punching equipment for the shelf,HALFEN Anchor Channels,pipe gallery,ladder           The table self piercing riveting machine can be installed on the automatic equipment, and the automatic moving position riveting can be realized by using screw rod and other driving modes
vertical SPR     Servo self piercing riveting           portable SPR
Vertical self piercing riveting machine(SPR)     Servo self piercing riveting machine           Portable self piercing riveting machine
The vertical self piercing riveting machine is more convenient to use. It falls on the ground and is stable and stable. It is suitable for small parts such as aluminum veneer, chassis shell, etc.     Self piercing riveting(SPR) technology compound servo cylinder technology, remove the annoying long oil pipe, no need to maintain the hydraulic station, riveting relay, riveting stroke control precision           Smaller than the handheld self piercing riveting machine, the electric drive is small, but the energy is enormous. This is the portable self piercing riveting machine.
Robot self piercing riveting     自动自冲铆接机            
Robot self piercing riveting machine     Automatic SPR            
The self piercing riveting machine is linked to the robot arm, and the self piercing riveting process with different positions and angles is accomplished through the action of the robot arm.     The automatic pin driven self piercing riveting machine of the vibration disk belongs to a vertical structure, and uses a bulk rivet.